We're Sad To Go.

Thank You!

Due to many factors, we are no longer able to effectively accomplish our vision of providing affordable promotional services to everyone from small content creators to professional entertainers in a way that drives long term organic results. Thank you to everyone who has joined with us in this journey. Since our original conception back in 2011, before most people were even on the platform, we have enjoyed working with creators of all sizes and promoting their content to millions of people. We have had clients and customers from dozens of countries, promoted videos in various languages to viewers all around the world. All journeys come to an end, and this is ours. Effective immediately, YouTube-Promos is no longer in active operation.

Why is this happening?

2020 has been kind to few, and more devastating than we can comprehend to many. We understand the online content creator, much like most everyone else, is struggling right now. We were not surprised to see a drop in sales this year, and we like so many others are simply seeking new avenues to make ends meet and to persevere.

Need a refund or other support?

If you have an active order and would like a refund, or need any other support whatsoever, please contact us using the form to the right or using the email button down below. Our email will continue to be actively monitored for at least 180 days to ensure support inquires can be handled.

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