Check out this video from Derral Eves on mega data!

So let’s get down to it, there are 3 major keys to having good mega data on YouTube: Title, Tags, and Description. I am going to give you my input on the videos that I have helped go viral over the years, and what seems to work best for getting your videos listed in search and in the recommended videos. First, as with any search results, search engines are looking for quality content these days. This means that when someone comes to watch your video, do they like what they see? Is it relevant, or are they immediately leaving, or worse, ending that instance of their visit to YouTube. Once you have quality content, you will want to make sure that you tag it so that it can be found. The title needs to contain a keyword that you want to rank for, just like you would have for a web page or a blog post that you want to rank for a specific keyword. That keyword should also be your first keyword in your keywords section, and in the first sentence of your description. Your other tags should be search terms and tags that get results. You can find out what these tags are by searching for the thing that you video is about and looking at the tags of the most popular videos in that nitche – you will see that many of these popular videos share tags. These are the tags that you should consider using. I use TubeBuddy to analyze tags and copy them for later use.

  • Title

  • Tags

  • Description

  • Thumbnail

Your description should not just describe the video that they are watching now, but should call them to continue to interact with your channel. If you mention any other videos / content on your channel during your video, these should be the first links. If the video is a part of a series, the next video in the series (or the first / previous video) should be linked at the start of the description. If you have social links or other links where they can continue to interact with your brand, then these should be front and center in the description. The description is also a good place to have any merch that you want to list, as well as any affiliate links or referral links (such as a network application link).

Something else to remember about these links that you would put in the description. The most prominent place to put a link is now as the pinned comment (that you write yourself and then pin). This will be seen more than links in your description even, and is the best way to get people to interact with an off-site page.

Remember that YouTube’s ranking is run by algorithms, there’s nothing wrong with looking at videos that are doing well and using the same concepts that they are using to be popular. Borrow their tags, write your titles and descriptions in a similar format, and don’t be afraid to use a custom thumbnail that will attract clicks!