This is a special kind of promotion where we can drive non-targeted viewers to your YouTube live stream via Twitter referrals.

The only purpose of this promotion is to get your live view count up into the thousands so that other people searching for live streams on YouTube will see your live stream at the top of the list instead of the bottom with 1-10 viewers.

This promotion is guaranteed to get your live stream over 1,000 live viewers. The service must be pre-paid 24-48 hours in advance to you starting to live stream so that we can have everything set up and ready to go when you go live.

You must, therefore, have an exact time planned to start the stream (please include timezone) so that we can be online when you are starting the stream.


Note: A 15-minute leeway is given on start time, so there will be a 30 minute period of time when we will be available to start the promotion: 15 minutes before your scheduled start time until 15 minutes after your scheduled start time. If no live stream starts on the channel indicated below within 15 minutes before or after the start time indicated below, your order will be canceled, and a refund in the amount of 50% will be given via the payment method used. If you have made a purchase and need to cancel, please simply send us an email 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time to cancel your order (or change the scheduled start time) at No Cost to you.