If your business is needing more customers, you can use the internet to find them, but how. Many people get lost in the web of the internet trying to spend money to find new customers, but you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to large corporations to get noticed online. If you create quality content and get it out to people, others will hear, and they will come to find you. That is the wonderful thing about the social network that we have all formed together. We can let each other know about a cool video or a neat new shop that has opened. This short article is going to be about how you can leverage this fact for your business.

If you aren’t already on social media and have accounts set up for your business, it’s worth thinking about. If you’re struggling with that, shoot us an email and we will walk you through getting started. Social media allows you to interact with your customers and people who may become your customers in the future. It allows you to be a part of important conversations that you going on in your local area and allows you to build brand awareness around your business. This allows you to be a more likely candidate for that individual to use next time they are needing your services instead of going to a competitor.

The more you can interact with your people, and help them have positive interactions with you, the more likely you are to have them share your business or your content with their friends, and that is really what you want, isn’t it? To go viral!

Something important to remember about social media is how quickly everything is moving, and how spread out your people are. They aren’t all on Facebook, and people check Twitter all throughout the day, but the average ‘life’ of a Tweet is just 10 seconds. That’s how long it takes for other people’s Tweets to send it flying off of someone’s news feed. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you need to use data syndication. See you are reading this blog post, but if you came upon this post directly from our website you are in the minority. Most readers will come to this post via a social media outlet of one kind or another. When we make a new post, we share it on Facebook, we Tweet about it, and we’ll add the link in a YouTube video if it’s a big enough post.

You can do the same, no matter what your content is you can drive people to consume it through social media, and they will even share it with their friends, driving more people to your website where you can offer them your services. So here’s that from us, if you’d like help reaching thousands of people on YouTube, and would like to buy youtube views, that’s what we specialize in. If you’re needing help with other social media marketing and business consultation, check out Bistreck and we can give you a hand starting and growing your business – that includes YouTubers.